Brian Cox​ – @TheTravelVlogger


– What is a vlogger? (more than a basic description)

– Why you should work with vloggers?

–  How to Effectively collaborate with vloggers?

– Why do they cost the most out of all social media influencers?

Profil speakera:

Brian (@TheTravelVlogger) is a travelers first and foremost and a video blogger second.  His search for extraordinary experiences has taken him to over 60 countries, 6 of which he has lived in.  He started the vlog in 2012, to help pay for his case of wanderlust, and it was not long before he was working with some of the largest brands in the travel industry.  Doing collaborations with USA Today, Travel Channel, Discover America, Turkish Airlines, Ritz-Carlton Hotels, Mandarin Oriental Hotels, Spanish Tourism Office, CzechTourism and much more.